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Masonry work is one of the oldest and most time-honored crafts. It offers a career for persons who like to work with their hands and are interested in construction work.

Triplett Tech is proud of the masonry department's accomplishments. Since 1990, we have won the district masonry contests seven consecutive times. We also had back-to-back wins in the Virginia State Fair Contest and the Virginia State Skills Championships. These students have gone to place eighth and ninth in the United States Skills Championships held in Kansas City, Missouri. These are a few of the reasons we feel our masonry program ranks among the finest to be offered at the high school level.

Basic Masonry concepts consist of the following:

  • Proper care and use of tools
  • The laying of brick, block, and tile
  • Wall construction and the tools needed to perform the job
  • Brick and block bond patterns
  • Corner building and layout techniques

Advanced Masonry concepts consist of the following:

  • Fireplace and chimney construction
  • Arch building and outdoor structures
  • Advanced brick and block bond patterns
  • Corner building
  • Blueprint reading
  • Alteration, repair, and maintenance of masonry, and the study of planning and managing the job.
The Triplett Tech Masonry Department students are also involved in on-sight building projects. Projects in the past have included houses, dugouts, storage buildings, signs, retaining walls, etc. We feel this helps give the masonry students a hands-on experience in the construction of various projects.

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